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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Trip Out to Ibiza

Well chums, I had only been back in the country a few days after Rome but it was time to go to London yet again and I thought I would take the train. Wasn't I stupid travelling on a Sunday. Booked my tickets months in advance like a good little thing and got to the station in Norwich - the train was cancelled and replaced with a coach. So... I went to the ticket office where the guy behind the window advised me to take the train to Ely and take a different route. So I did... and the train was late so I missed the connector into London Kings Cross... siiiiigh. So in the end I just took the first train to London anywhere and I decided I'd just take the underground to where I needed to go and that worked out pretty good.

And so it was off to Gatwick to meet up with my family, grab a bite at Jamie Oliver's restaurant (courtesy of my lovely uncle) and then queue with all the would be clubbers (ugh) to get on the Easyjet plane (double ugh!). 

It was a late ish flight and I was pretty tired, I think I had a snooze on the plane cuz the flight was short at any rate, I got the window seat (although my Mum and Sister did try to fight me for it! No chance ladies). 

Then it was off on the transfer coach from Ibiza airport to Portinatx the resort where we stayed. We didn't get in until 3am or some ungodly hour.... Hayley + no sleep = grouchy

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