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Friday, 31 May 2013

Green Acres Woodland Burial

We live not too far from a Woodland Burial area, I'd never given it much thought to tell the truth until a lady from my placement said that it was a lovely place to go for a walk.

So we had a little explore as it's not so far from us, it was so nice. Lovely cool shady forested area, all natural looking. 

And all over the woods you can see little wooden figures and plaques carved with peoples names and messages, really nice to read them and see all the different ornate carvings - hearts, books, animals, people, houses, different shapes, benches, flowers etc. 

The rest of last weekend other than working I attempted to get a couple of online biology exams out of the way. Chore... 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Library Bar & Grill

It was mine and the boyfriends third anniversary a couple of days ago so we took a trip out to the library which is right opposite the Guildhall in Norwich, next to Tesco Metro. 

I ordered tasty elderflower presse but the boyfriend got boring orange juice. 

The restaurant is an old Victorian library and is lined with bookshelves so you can have a little read whilst you eat. The the boyfriend had duck salad for starter.

I had the goats cheese bruschetta and the boyfriend had food envy. 

Then the boyfriend had a tasty burger

I had lovely southern fried chicken, cheese and bacon burger (more food envy from the boyfriend and had to donate some food to him)

Then we shared a chocolate fondue which was sooo taaasssty but we were both very full after all this food as you can imagine. We'll definitely go back!

Friday, 24 May 2013

The BNF, the CQC and the RCN

Nursing is full of acronyms and today I thought, as I have a moment I would tell you about 1 that's like a bible and 2 that are in the news a lot. The RCN is the Royal College of Nursing and I would say is the main trade union for nurses - why do we need a trade union? Mainly for legal support and insurance actually. We live in a culture where people try to sue for a profit and sadly healthcare is not exempt. By joining the RCN we insure ourselves, get a few nice free things, keep up to date with any nursing news with their publication, get access to a great online library and also free legal advice and representation should we ever need it (although I hope I never do!!). The RCN is very well respected and often in the news telling politicians how it is. And they gave me a free tote bag and nursing dictionary - thanks for that!

Next is the CQC, I thought I would mention this one as I am on placement at the moment and the CQC visited. This is the Care Quality Comission, they visit all healthcare settings to make sure that everything is running ship shape and I am very happy to say that my placement passed with flying colours as working exactly as it should do, so that was good news. The Care Qaulity Comission have the power to shut down healthcare settings that are not performing satisfactorily, they also run enquiries where there have been problems which is why you might see them in the news. Everyone fears the CQC, but really it's about making things better.

The third is the BNF, the British National Formulary - a bible of all things pharmacological. I mention this because I've been studying some parts of it lately and downloaded a little free app for my iPhone (a must for all nursing students with a smart phone!). If you need to give out a drug you don't recognise? Check the BNF. Concerned about side effects? Check the BNF. Contraindications? Check the BNF. Is that the right dose? BNF.  The BNF is law as far as I'm concerned and so handy to have.

Here's a look at the free app - 

This is the main menu

But it's split quite helpfully into sections by health topics

And here's an example of the search

Well worth a look but you will need to sign up for an NHS Athens account beforehand. Happy Friday Readers!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Henning Wehn & Ely

The boyfriend and I spotted a comedian we thought was particularly funny on QI the other day, Henning Wehn, and decided we'd look into going to see him, we'd missed his Norwich tour date so we decided we'd take a trip to Ely to see him, and made the obligatory tour to the cathedral which was HUUGE but other than that not all that interesting. 

Henning Wehn on the other hand was hilarious, he's a German comedian and is well worth a visit if you see his tour coming up near you. And I got a free pen, woohoo. 

In other news I've started my second placement and so far so good, everyone very nice and this time I don't have to travel so far or stay away so that's a massive plus!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Afternoon Tea

It's bank holiday weekend here in sunny England and although I'm working two of the three days today the boyfriend and I decided to head to the coast and walk around Cromer

There was much arcade game playing and I even won one of the games of throwing basketball hoops (you know that arcade game that releases basketballs and you play against the other person to score the most?) although the boyfriend did win the other two games but only just! 

Then we headed to my beloved Byfords of Holt for a spot of afternoon tea

Complete with tasty snacks

And the boyfriend and I both bravely tried smoked salmon in our crustless sandwiches too

We took the cakes home

It's a lovely old place to eat, if you go to Holt you have to go there, if I could I think I'd set up shop and live there in the deli section. 

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

When In Rome

Woo, finally booked my holiday and we're going to... Rome!

Because of uni I have to take my breaks in the summer holidays (the expensive time!), but the boyfriend and I found some really good city break deals with British Airways to Rome and we got flights, a week in a hotel right in the centre of the city (with breakfast), and airport parking all for £352 so I'm chuffed about that. 

Not that I didn't have to do a bit of convincing, the boyfriend was keen to go with Thomas Cook or.... easyJet... shudder. Not on my watch. 

I think the fundamental problem with going on holiday these days is that trip advisor exists. Don't get me wrong, I would never pick a hotel without trip advisor, but no hotel ever gets 100% good reviews do they?

You find the nicest hotel, photos are great, location is great and then... 

And your heart just sinks. So searching for a hotel becomes obsessing over reviews, sifting through ever mounting piles of 

But at least it's all sorted and paid for now and I can start planning every day in minute detail because I am still the holiday nazi. Does anyone fancy cat sitting? Go on...