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Monday, 29 April 2013

Packed Lunches

I find packed lunches boring. Sandwiches are so blah and when lunch time comes round I don't fancy them. So I decided I'd make lunches interesting this week, I had olives, pineapple, digestives, a tunnock tea cake, chocolate covered raisins, salted popcorn and blueberries. Yummm! 

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Tasty Treats

We had gingerbread men this week, tasty tasty. 

I also decided to make up some Kool Aid

I hadn't had Kool Aid before, I saw it on sale in a shop and thought I'd try it. It's a bit like powdered squash

You just stick it in, add water and mix, then add sugar

Very orange! It's ok, but it's pretty much just like orange squash

Monday, 22 April 2013

Catch Up

Well chums, I've been having a pleasant week (last week that was, this one's just began). Got another assignment back, my essay, which I've passed so I'm really pleased about that, also passed my placement with a high mark so phew - just the portfolio to tweak.

Spring has finally sprung and I enjoyed a doggy viewing, Henry and his lovely lady have just got a new addition to the family (what a cutie!!) so me and my friend, also called Hayley, went round for a doggy viewing/pizza eating/kerplunk and cleudo playing night which was very fun.

Have been working 24 hours a week along side my studies this module as the timetable allows me to fit this in and had a really great shift Saturday and then Sunday the boyfriend and I took a trip to a car boot that I had never been to before we went grocery shopping. Well it was packed!! It was a little bit like a strange museum of the 80s and 90s, well worth a look round. The only things I bought though was a springy butterfly to go in the garden for the cat to play with, and food.... also for the cat. He is a spoilt little boy.

Then after that I went to M&S for a new top and met my lovely chum Kiran for coffee and a chat. The boyfriend ordered me a book (all those who know him will gasp as he is not a reader!) as a surprise but when it got delivered I realised it was to make fun of me! But I shall most definitely be reading it and the joke will be on you all when you see my kick ass shelter building, fire starting and zombie maiming... ok maybe not the last one.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Precious Things

When I was younger, through a series of mishaps actually, my parents got me a diamond necklace. It was always kept in a safe place and never looked at or worn, just for special occasions I was told. 

When I moved out my mum gave me the necklace and I too kept it in a safe place... far too safe! I couldn't find it again, I was so annoyed with myself for losing it, not just because it was a gift from my parents but because I had always been saving it for a special occasion so in fact I'd never actually worn it!

I turned my flat upside down but I couldn't find it anywhere. The most expensive piece of jewellery I own and I'd never worn it and then lost it. It wasn't until I moved into the boyfriend and mine's first house we rented that I actually found it... in the safe place I had left it (duh). From then on I wear it every now and then whenever I fancy and never again will I keep precious things for a special occasion, I'm just going to enjoy them when I want. Not at work though, against uniform policy! 

Monday, 15 April 2013

Banham Zoo

The boyfriend and I went to the Zoo last weekend with our dear friends Nadine & Phil. 

It was a nice warm day but quite windy which, because I stupidly left my hair down, resulted in much accidental hair eating throughout the day. Also the poor birds in the air show were struggling against it. 

So we had a nice wonder round and saw the animals. Nadine upset a Zebra.

The boys got close on the train ride (ahh)

We made a little mate. 

And had a lovely picnic.

And then I apparently broke the law. There were beef rolls left over so I decided to give them to the chickens rather than throwing them away and they were loving the beef. I think it must make a chicken feel superior to get to eat a cow. I passed a sign later on in the petting zoo that said it was illegal to feed livestock meat.... oops. 

Either way, a fun day was had by all, bit expensive for entry though. 

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Thetford Forest

They boyfriend and I decided we'd go out on Sunday to amuse ourselves and we decided to take a trip to High Lodge in Thetford Forest. 

We packed up some rations (NB less healthy rations not pictured)

And off we set

It is just beautiful to walk round, when I was a kid my family was big on going out for a walk in nearby forests but I have to say the boyfriend's family apparently was not because towards the end the air became punctuated with "my legs hurt" and much sighing. 

We took the fir tree walk which was three miles which I think was a comfortable length for a leisurely amble but I wouldn't have minded doing a little longer but there weren't any maps along the route and my phone had no signal to look them up online. Maybe next time some forward planning is needed. 

We looked into hiring bikes but it cost quite a lot really and the parking cost us £6.50 so I didn't really want to pay any more on top of that. 

Kitty was eager to join our picnic 

Monday, 8 April 2013

Back To Uni After Easter

The first day back to uni has been and gone now after the Easter holidays and.. well it sucked actually. We were hanging about for 2 hours to begin with because there had been a mix up with the lecturers we were meant to have. The IT lab printers wouldn't work, then I spilt tea down myself (clever). Then we all got one of our assignment marks back and I did dreadfully only I don't understand the feedback I've been given at all and nor do my friends (ugh) and the person I need to speak to is on holiday (double ugh) and I can't even look through the actual piece of work because (wouldn't you know it?) my work has been chosen to go to the external moderators (triple ugh). So that's really really frustrating. 

I'm glad to be back home now, thank goodness.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

I PASSED! (finally!)

I passed finally, yayyyyyy, with 4 minors. No more tests or lessons, although I'll miss my patient long suffering driving instructor. Not that I could afford to insure and run a car but at least the actual licence part is out of the way now and I don't have to worry about it. 

I've been enjoying my time off. I bought some daffodils from the lovely farm shop at Notcutts (my favourite shop!), 4 bunches for £1.99 and they are just beautiful but they do not smell great... far too strong.

My mum and sister who stayed for Easter weekend have now gone home but they've left tasty goodies for the boyfriend and I. Yummmmm. I love being able to put my washing out on the line now. 

And I had a nice walk out to see the horses and birds across the road. I know it's cold out but at least its not wet. 

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Spring has sprung and I decided to celebrate my Easter holidays with some cookies. 

I found this cookie dough in Sainsbury's and thought I'd try it

All you have to do is cut up the dough

Roll it into balls and put onto a baking sheet

Then cook, how simple is that? And they tasted really nice. I may have tried some of the cookie dough raw too, so so good.

The weather here is still coldish but at least it's dry and I can hang out some laundry outside, supervised by my little furry assistant of course. My mum and sister are also staying a few days which is nice and I managed to fit in extra hours at work so I dont feel as guilty having time off of uni.