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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Stuffed Peppers

Are you a pepper fan? Because I love peppers, they're so fresh and tasty and good for you, and so I decided I'd try out making stuffed peppers.

I washed and chopped my peppers in half, cleaned out the seeds, and then I microwaved them for five minutes before setting them out on a big baking tray. 

I decided to fill mine up with a pack of risotto but I suppose you could use pretty much whatever filling you fancied. Then I put some cheese on top so it could go all melty (and some olives too because I had some in the fridge so... why not?). 

I then baked my peppers for ten minutes at 180c (although I have a fan oven, if yours isn't a fan oven then bake at 200c). 

They were delish, and it was nice to have something different which wasn't overly difficult to make, I cant stand recipes that faff about so if it only really has three steps to making something, it's going to be a winner. 

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Marriott's Way

The boyfriend and I both happened to have the bank holiday Monday off this week (after a fiasco where I tried to get to placement at 6am on the bus before realising it was running Sunday hours - duh!). And the boyfriend suggested we go for a walk. 

And I had just been taking to someone about Marriott's way a few days before, so I looked it up online where there is a handy website and there's cool route maps. We only walked the tiniest part, from Attlebridge to Lenwade, the way goes along the old railway route and so there are houses scattered around that used to be small stations. 

So we set off to Lenwade after parking up (there are free parking areas along the route), and the weather was gorgeous but we were nice and shady beneath the canopy. 

There were nice things to see along the trail, I do't think these cows had been fed because they were very excited to see people on the way to Lenwade but on the way back to the car they weren't bothered. 

The river dipped in and out of the trail. 

I went off the beaten track to have a little investigate... you know... just to see a couple things. 

There were little art pieces along the trail too, some of which could be utilised into seats which was handy because a lot of elderly seemed to enjoy the trail. 

And then we got to Lenwade station that is now a house. 

And walked down the road to the pub where we had a well deserved cold drink. 

And some tasty lunch. If you live in the area definitely check out Marriott's Way for a walk or with your bikes, it is so pleasant and away from all the traffic. This won't be my last visit only next time I'd like to go more than 5 miles there and back.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Sandcastle Construction

The key to good castle building is sand drizzling I've decided, we went to the beach on Sunday and I passed on my mad skills to the boyfriend's nephew. 

You can turn any sandcastle into a fairy tale castle in minutes. 

Just fill a bucket with sea water, add sand to the half way point, grab a handful and drizzle away. 

Decided to up the class factor of this castle by adding a courtyard Zen garden... you're welcome sand creatures, you're welcome. 

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Baked Camembert

To say I love cheese is a bit of an understatement, and so I decided the other day that I would try some baked Camembert at home. You have to pick one with a wooden box to bake it in. 

I pierced my cheese over the top and then got some rosemary out of the garden. 

Then I put the rosemary into some of the holes I put in the cheese with a little salt (you can you can use honey, olive oil, chilli flakes etc) . 

And I baked the cheese in the wooden box for about 20 minutes, took the rosemary out and then MMmmmMMmmm. 

Melty delicious dipping :)

Monday, 5 May 2014

Ely Eel Festival

I met my dear chum Nadine in Ely today to have a browse round the shops and a gossip and it also happened to be the Ely Eel Food and Drink Festival. 

So we had a browse round all the stands and got gourmet hotdogs, there was lots of eel themed food that we steered well clear of. 

And focaccia mmmmmmmm, we came back by the bakery stall a few hours later and almost everything as gone. We tried samples of different things like chilli dip, elderflower presse, fudge, cheese.

We kept spotting ducklings around the cathedral too who were super cute. 

Then I had a cream tea, Nadine had some quiche and then it was off to the shops for a browse and a gossip. 

Hurrah for lazy days... also hurrah for not trying any of the jellied Eel fudge... ew. 

Thursday, 1 May 2014

London - Dermot O'Leary, The Delaunay & ICE Bar

So my Mum said she'd meet Kim and I for lunch, and I chose the Delaunay

Which was a bit fancy fancy

But also really cheap, I think a main meal and desserts/coffee and drinks cost £56 for three of us! Bargain. But best of all, when we sat down, I spied... DERMOT O'LEARY!!! Two tables over!!!

Ohhhh Dermot you fool, don't you know that if you eat somewhere that commoners like myself can afford to eat at that I will be forced to take secret covert photos of you?? And that my Mum will keep looking over and saying you're gorgeous? Poor Kim, not being from England had no idea who he was but Mum and I were sufficiently giggly. 

Ahhh... so that was fun. And then it was off to the Icebar. 

We picked which drink we wanted out from the menu in advance and then we got an arctic looking poncho complete with attached mittens... very stylish. 

It wasn't so cold it was uncomfortable or anything, I enjoyed touching all the ice. 

And melting my glass with my mouth. 

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