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Thursday, 1 May 2014

London - Dermot O'Leary, The Delaunay & ICE Bar

So my Mum said she'd meet Kim and I for lunch, and I chose the Delaunay

Which was a bit fancy fancy

But also really cheap, I think a main meal and desserts/coffee and drinks cost £56 for three of us! Bargain. But best of all, when we sat down, I spied... DERMOT O'LEARY!!! Two tables over!!!

Ohhhh Dermot you fool, don't you know that if you eat somewhere that commoners like myself can afford to eat at that I will be forced to take secret covert photos of you?? And that my Mum will keep looking over and saying you're gorgeous? Poor Kim, not being from England had no idea who he was but Mum and I were sufficiently giggly. 

Ahhh... so that was fun. And then it was off to the Icebar. 

We picked which drink we wanted out from the menu in advance and then we got an arctic looking poncho complete with attached mittens... very stylish. 

It wasn't so cold it was uncomfortable or anything, I enjoyed touching all the ice. 

And melting my glass with my mouth. 

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