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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Pumpkin Carving

The boyfriend and I did the traditional pumpkin carve on Monday night. 

We washed the pumpkins (I washed the pumpkins)

Then we I took great care scalping and gutting the pumpkins

I carved it with beauty and love

And then in went the candles, lovely! I'm working Halloween night so I won't get to see any trick or treaters, we bought chocolate but I don't think that many kids live near us. The boyfriend's in charge of the sweets so I expect I'll come back to no trick or treaters but all the chocolate gone!!

Monday, 29 October 2012

Derren Brown Apocalpse ... Fake?

Has anyone been watching Derren Brown's apocalypse? The first instalment was on Friday night and the second part is being aired this Friday.

The general plot sort of follows his other TV shows (if you've seen them) where he convinces his participants that something has happened (in this case the zombie apocalypse) and events unfold to everyone else's amusement. Steve supposedly is a bit of a dead beat slob who generally doesn't seem too fussed over his family or life and then after a meteorite hits England wakes up in a military hospital.

Only now allegations have come forward that his most recent guinea pig Steve Brosnan is in fact an actor because his twitter account is linked to an acting agency... where he is listed as an actor. Hmm. Following these allegations his profile was changed and then removed. Double hmm.

The boyfriend and I saw Derren Brown live at his Svengali show and whilst it was entertaining, when he hypnotised the audience there were very few people who responded to it and I suspect most of them were just sort of playing along, perhaps for a bit of attention. I wouldn't have trouble believing that this Steve is just an actor.

Have you watched the show? What did you think?

Saturday, 27 October 2012

An Autumnal Walk

I had a day off this week with no uni and no work so I decided to go for a walk

All the leaves were changing

I visited the horsies and took them snacks and found a new foal friend who I think looks like a little buffalo

It does look a bit like a buffalo doesn't it? For a horse I mean. The horsies had brambles stuck in their manes so we had a little hair care session where I detangled a few and they stood quite patiently, they're ever so tame. 

I saw a lot of nature

Although the weather wasn't so great but it didn't matter. One part of the walk led off into overgrown forest so I had an investigate... and found an old Honda motorbike randomly? Probably can't ride it anymore...

At one gate the mud was so thick I had to find an alternate route and climbed this fence, in a skirt I might add. I hope you're all impressed!

There was lots of willow wood about because they were pruning them or something... pollarding? I don't know the official term but it made me think back to the days of when I lived in an old pokey house with a wood fire and somehow it always seemed to be my turn to make the damn thing up and light it... I would not have fared well in cave man days because I was rather rubbish at it and always ended up cross and covered in coal. 

It was a bit misty out but the route was fairly quiet

And that was my lovely nature walk. 

Friday, 26 October 2012

Uniformly Hideous

Check out the pattern of my student nurse uniform.... attractive stuff.... 

Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Farm Shop

The boyfriend and I went to Notcutts on Saturday and I discovered the Farm Shop. Outside they had a rather hefty pumpkin all ready for Halloween. 

I'm in love with the Farm Shop because all of their frozen stuff is loose and you just scoop up what you like. 

It wasn't just fruit or veg either, you could buy loose portions of roast potatoes, chicken kievs, yorkshire puddings etc. 

And I adored the little loose frozen pastries!

They made a tasty breakfast. 

AND - totally amazing (ok amazing by my standards) double yolked eggs! How cool!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Campus Trails

The UEA is lucky to have some really nice scenery around the campus (I say lucky, it is mostly hideous concrete everywhere else...) 

It smells like a forest at the moment because it keeps raining and there are rabbits and squirrels about

The UEA has trails too around the lake

I should really go investigating... once the mud improves a bit at least!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Til You Drop

I had a little mini shop yesterday before getting my hair cut. First to the Disney store... 

I'm fed up of the boyfriend stealing my tinker-bell and pink ice cream beaker cups so I decided to buy some his and hers beaker cups so we could be matchy-matchy

Then next to Accessorize to spend my vouchers I got from work... 

I got a new handbag and a wallet 

In other news, pussy cat has made a new enemy... ginger cat

Friday, 12 October 2012

Ice Cream Factory

 The boyfriend and I were in Pizza Hut waiting for our half and half pizza to share. "I'm ever so sorry, they've mixed up your order and the goats cheese is on the wrong half with the other toppings, we'll make you another but if you like you can eat this one in the mean time, I'm so sorry" said our waitress. The boyfriend and I weren't fussed so we said not to bother, the pizza she'd brought over was fine and we munched through it happily. 

When we'd finished the waitress came over and said the manager would like to give us free ice cream factory to apologise for the mix up.... errrr score! Make way small children, it's my turn!!

Hurrah for wrong pizza orders everywhere!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

My First Night Shift

I had my first night shift last night as an HCA... I wasn't really sure how to prepare but I decided I'd stay up late (OK maybe it wasn't that late, maybe it was 1am!) and then sleep late as I had no classes at university until 2pm only that part didn't go quite to plan as I woke up at 7am when the boyfriend got up to go to work so so far, not so good. I did get an hours nap though.

The ward was clearly winding down for the day and the hospital got less and less busy and I got an hours break about 2am. Some people try to sleep in this but I decided this would be a very bad plan in case I went to sleep and then couldn't get myself going again.

So instead I went down to the canteen, it was completely empty!

I felt tired about 5am, even the muddled patients had drifted off to sleep by then so there wasn't lots to do but as it got closer to home time I got a second win and felt more alert. By the time I got on the bus to go home I didn't really fancy sleeping (although I thought I'd better) and I saw the boyfriend in his car pass me on the bus as he left for work and I was just getting home! I had a very nice sleep when I got home interrupted only at 1pm by the postman bringing me some books I ordered from Amazon so I tore down the stairs and answered in my PJs. Poor man haha.  

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Saga Of The Bed - Part III

Ok so we have now got the bed only... 

Maybe we got a bit too enthusiastic when choosing a size? It's very very large.... oops. 

Saturday, 6 October 2012


I watched Cast Away for the first time today (yes I know, I know it's from 2000, I just hadn't got around to it ok?). It was good but made me paranoid about what one would eat on a desert island. 

What if you're on one of those islands with no coconuts? We all need to get good at fishing with a stick...

Thursday, 4 October 2012

So Close (But Yet So Far)!

I was lucky to have lovely nanny and granddad who adopted my dad and they were the very best sort of people, the sort of people who would make a tasty chocolate cake every time our family came to visit them. No matter what time of day we arrived from Wiltshire, usually late at night, as soon as we got to their bungalow it was time to break out the chocolate cake. 

And this was no ordinary chocolate cake mind you, it was the best cake anyone has ever tasted and now that my lovely nanny has passed away it's my eternal regret that I didn't get the recipe. The only thing I know about the cake is that the secret ingredient was drinking chocolate. I dream about that cake... 

Today I decided I'd bake something but I only had plain flour and no cocoa so I decided I'd make some little muffins using drinking chocolate instead of cocoa... they were soo tasty, not quite up to my nanny's standards but they were on the right lines. Next time SR flour and a big victoria sponge-esque type creation, with the drinking chocolate. I'm so close to the best ever chocolate cake I can feel it! And taste it, yum!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Second Week At Uni

This sort of sums up the bus service in my area.... but in fairness it has been much better than last week

All my classes are a bit more interesting than they have been previously, the majority of dull induction stuff is out of the way and we have moved onto a lot of the mandatory training (more manual handling!) in preparation for our first placement which has been conveniently placed either side of my birthday weekend (boo). 

So far so good for fitting in my HCA work on weekends, also loan has been paid to me and bursary has been paid but the wrong amount so hopefully that will be sorted out soon. I did meet my lovely friend by chance on one of the wards at work the other day and she was on placement whilst I was working a shift there so it was lovely to bump into her when I wasn't expecting it and I picked up a few pointers. 

I meet my academic advisor that I've been paired with for the next three years next week so hopefully we hit it off as a good team. Fingers crossed!