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Thursday, 4 October 2012

So Close (But Yet So Far)!

I was lucky to have lovely nanny and granddad who adopted my dad and they were the very best sort of people, the sort of people who would make a tasty chocolate cake every time our family came to visit them. No matter what time of day we arrived from Wiltshire, usually late at night, as soon as we got to their bungalow it was time to break out the chocolate cake. 

And this was no ordinary chocolate cake mind you, it was the best cake anyone has ever tasted and now that my lovely nanny has passed away it's my eternal regret that I didn't get the recipe. The only thing I know about the cake is that the secret ingredient was drinking chocolate. I dream about that cake... 

Today I decided I'd bake something but I only had plain flour and no cocoa so I decided I'd make some little muffins using drinking chocolate instead of cocoa... they were soo tasty, not quite up to my nanny's standards but they were on the right lines. Next time SR flour and a big victoria sponge-esque type creation, with the drinking chocolate. I'm so close to the best ever chocolate cake I can feel it! And taste it, yum!

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