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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Second Week At Uni

This sort of sums up the bus service in my area.... but in fairness it has been much better than last week

All my classes are a bit more interesting than they have been previously, the majority of dull induction stuff is out of the way and we have moved onto a lot of the mandatory training (more manual handling!) in preparation for our first placement which has been conveniently placed either side of my birthday weekend (boo). 

So far so good for fitting in my HCA work on weekends, also loan has been paid to me and bursary has been paid but the wrong amount so hopefully that will be sorted out soon. I did meet my lovely friend by chance on one of the wards at work the other day and she was on placement whilst I was working a shift there so it was lovely to bump into her when I wasn't expecting it and I picked up a few pointers. 

I meet my academic advisor that I've been paired with for the next three years next week so hopefully we hit it off as a good team. Fingers crossed!

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