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Monday, 29 October 2012

Derren Brown Apocalpse ... Fake?

Has anyone been watching Derren Brown's apocalypse? The first instalment was on Friday night and the second part is being aired this Friday.

The general plot sort of follows his other TV shows (if you've seen them) where he convinces his participants that something has happened (in this case the zombie apocalypse) and events unfold to everyone else's amusement. Steve supposedly is a bit of a dead beat slob who generally doesn't seem too fussed over his family or life and then after a meteorite hits England wakes up in a military hospital.

Only now allegations have come forward that his most recent guinea pig Steve Brosnan is in fact an actor because his twitter account is linked to an acting agency... where he is listed as an actor. Hmm. Following these allegations his profile was changed and then removed. Double hmm.

The boyfriend and I saw Derren Brown live at his Svengali show and whilst it was entertaining, when he hypnotised the audience there were very few people who responded to it and I suspect most of them were just sort of playing along, perhaps for a bit of attention. I wouldn't have trouble believing that this Steve is just an actor.

Have you watched the show? What did you think?

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