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Saturday, 27 October 2012

An Autumnal Walk

I had a day off this week with no uni and no work so I decided to go for a walk

All the leaves were changing

I visited the horsies and took them snacks and found a new foal friend who I think looks like a little buffalo

It does look a bit like a buffalo doesn't it? For a horse I mean. The horsies had brambles stuck in their manes so we had a little hair care session where I detangled a few and they stood quite patiently, they're ever so tame. 

I saw a lot of nature

Although the weather wasn't so great but it didn't matter. One part of the walk led off into overgrown forest so I had an investigate... and found an old Honda motorbike randomly? Probably can't ride it anymore...

At one gate the mud was so thick I had to find an alternate route and climbed this fence, in a skirt I might add. I hope you're all impressed!

There was lots of willow wood about because they were pruning them or something... pollarding? I don't know the official term but it made me think back to the days of when I lived in an old pokey house with a wood fire and somehow it always seemed to be my turn to make the damn thing up and light it... I would not have fared well in cave man days because I was rather rubbish at it and always ended up cross and covered in coal. 

It was a bit misty out but the route was fairly quiet

And that was my lovely nature walk. 

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