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Thursday, 11 October 2012

My First Night Shift

I had my first night shift last night as an HCA... I wasn't really sure how to prepare but I decided I'd stay up late (OK maybe it wasn't that late, maybe it was 1am!) and then sleep late as I had no classes at university until 2pm only that part didn't go quite to plan as I woke up at 7am when the boyfriend got up to go to work so so far, not so good. I did get an hours nap though.

The ward was clearly winding down for the day and the hospital got less and less busy and I got an hours break about 2am. Some people try to sleep in this but I decided this would be a very bad plan in case I went to sleep and then couldn't get myself going again.

So instead I went down to the canteen, it was completely empty!

I felt tired about 5am, even the muddled patients had drifted off to sleep by then so there wasn't lots to do but as it got closer to home time I got a second win and felt more alert. By the time I got on the bus to go home I didn't really fancy sleeping (although I thought I'd better) and I saw the boyfriend in his car pass me on the bus as he left for work and I was just getting home! I had a very nice sleep when I got home interrupted only at 1pm by the postman bringing me some books I ordered from Amazon so I tore down the stairs and answered in my PJs. Poor man haha.  

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