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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Posh Children

Those of you who walk to work or wherever you spend your day will know that if you always leave at the same time, you always see the same strangers on the way. And I always end up walking behind the posh children for about five minutes. 

The posh children are three kids who go to Norwich School (the local private school at the Anglican cathedral), I imagine they're about 12 and they're always dressed up in their blue blazers.

There's a lanky nerdy looking fair haired boy who is always labouring heavily under a ginormous sports bag. There's a little average looking boy who bobs about in the background and never speaks but laughs at everything, and then there's the ringleader of the posh children. The ringleader of the posh children is a girl with a rather unfortunate hair cut, so unfortunate that she looks like a boy from the back and if it wasn't for her ankle length school skirt (also unfortunate) I shouldn't have noticed she wasn't. I assume she has cruel parents that have given her a number three shave round the back and sides and then finished of with a semi bowl cut to really tip the unpopularity scales. 

The reason I like the posh children is that they're like hilariously bizarre miniature adults instead of kids. Here's samples of their conversation I overhear:

Posh girl - Yes and we must meet at lunch to really make them welcome
Lanky boy - Might I decline?
Posh girl - You might not
Average boy - ha ha

Posh girl - and then I told mummy about the cyborgs and that they were just about to cull the human race
Lanky boy - Oh that is droll! 
Average boy - ha ha

Posh girl - they tested it and it wasn't even PH8!!
Lanky boy - Did you see that slide show presentation of the reaction of chemicals on skin
Posh girl - Oh yes, ghastly!
Average boy - ha ha

The worst thing is I'm not even exaggerating slightly, I promise.

Monday, 28 May 2012

A Very Busy Weekend

Well how down was I to go back to work this Monday morning?

My weekend started Friday night here - 

At Pinocchios for a staff night out which was really nice. 

Then Saturday bright and early (by which I mean 11am) it was concert time here - 

Then afterwards because it was mine and the boyfriend's second anniversary we went to Byfords of Holt for dinner - 

It was so nice and reasonably priced and there was a station of home made bread and butter, olives, sun dried tomatoes and pickled onions from their deli shop and you could just help yourself to them for free whilst you waited for your food (I was on olive overload!). 

Then afterwards we went for honeycomb ice cream at Sheringham and a little walk along the sea front. Ronaldo's is the best ice cream place and we always make a trip when we're near by!

Then Sunday the boyfriend and I went to Fritton Lake, I'd never been before but how nice! The boyfriend almost got a hole in one at pitch and putt (technically a hole in two but it was so close!). My ball is the one furthest away and it only got there after about 3 whacks!

Then I got rowed around that lake :) what a shame we couldn't swap places in the rowing boat, it was against the rules haha.

Thursday, 17 May 2012


So... whilst my iphone is irrevocably damaged beyond repair I keep seeing really awesome things to blog about (by awesome, I mean awesome to me, not to normal people). The knitting vandals have attacked City Hall, my cat had his birthday, I tried a new Delia recipe, we've been invaded by ants and I've had some exciting news too and can I photographs any of this? NO! Well... I could find new batteries for my digital camera... but what a chore! If anyone presents me with a set of working AA batteries I shall present them with a glorious blog post in their honour. Sad times.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Clarks Magic Step Shoes

I was thinking the other day, about some school shoes I used to have, they were black leather with a buckle and with them came a gold plastic key, and you could use the key to turn a picture that showed in the sole of the shoe. Maybe it was a flower? 

And can I find a photo of them? I cannot, just 80s white shoes, these were definitely a 90s pair. All the girls used to wear their keys round their necks. Google, you have failed me. 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


I had to cover reception the other day at work which I don't normally do, and I decided to flick through the paper which I don't normally do and then for some reason I decided to read through the obituaries which I never do but low and behold...

... I saw my great uncle had died. I had only met him a few times and didn't know him too well but how odd that I should happen to read the obituaries on that day.

Makes you wonder if anything happens by co-incidence doesn't it?