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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Getting Racy

My work had a little staff event at the Greyhound racing track in Great Yarmouth last night.

It was really fun, we each paid £10 (and work subsidised £6) and we got admission, a drink, a tasty BBQ and a free bet

We each got a little programme telling us which doggies were racing

My first bet was Cool Sean

But he was far too cool and came last (boo). Before each race there was a little dog parade

And then they were off! Here's an action shot

Here are my winners

All in all I was about £2 up after the night

Special shout out to Lee and Sally for letting me scream in their ears! And yes, the first photo was dramatically enhanced - those are not my winnings haha.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Time To Get Organised

It's 3 weeks and 3 days until I leave my lovely job and start university and with that in mind I decided I absolutely must buy a new academic diary because I've been so used to using my calendar on the email system at work to organise my life that there's no way I can manage with none. I did briefly consider storing all my things on my iPhone calendar but after the fiasco where my last iPhone took an unfortunate swim in the Cretan sea and died, I decided against it. I settled on this one from Paperchase. 

Little bit patriotic and the days are set out how I like them.

Now I just have to fill it with birthdays and dates etc! Fun times.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Bank Holiday Gardening Follies

The boyfriend and I took the obligatory bank holiday trip today to B & Q and Homebase; I in search of a few plants for our new garden, he in search of a strimmer. 

I got a lavender, 4 heathers and a fuchsia to make a start (after I had hacked away the overgrown borders)

Pussycat had a thorough inspection by sticking his face into each plant, a necessary task. And the boyfriend had much fun strimming. 

Unblock Me

I got a new app on my iPhone the other day, it's called Unblock Me.

You select a mode - obviously I'm rubbish so I picked the relax mode

And then it's just a simple puzzler

You have to shuffle all the blocks to the free the red one

Hurrah! And all the puzzles gradually get more difficult (very gradually). 

It's a nice game you can do without thinking too much : )

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Simple Things

I got a free pen

I've played with it all day

Simple things, simple minds... 

Monday, 20 August 2012

The Heist

I tried out a new app called The Heist on my iPhone.

It's a puzzle game but it's actually really good. You open to a vault and then I was very confused as my phone seemed to be ringing?

But it was just the game, Sophia is your contact to the gang that wants you to open the safe.

Your vault then has four locks (in red) and four different types of puzzle on the tool bar below. 

The first type is a block puzzle that gets more difficult

The next is a symbol puzzle

The rules are the same as sudoku but no numbers

The third is a cube and is a little robot game

You have to push the little cubes over a square to make them light up but you cant pull them

Then the last game is a slide puzzle where you need to connect wires

They start off very easy

But the difficult ones are really difficult!

Anyway, it's a really good game with variety and at the moment it's free so go take a look

Sunday, 19 August 2012

It's Wedding Time

Happy Sunday, and wow has it been boiling hot this weekend. Hard to believe that England has better weather than Hawaii! As you may remember, the boyfriend and I got invited to a wedding of our lovely friends (see my wedding nazi antics here). 

It was a scorcher but very pretty venue, we pulled up to park surrounded by pretty lavender

The wedding and reception was in a hall that was a conversion (an old barn maybe?)

It was very nice inside, modern but still rustic

I really like the arrow slits

I thought the ceremony might be inside here

But it was so nice out.. 

They decided to brave the outdoors

Luckily we were there a little early and got some shady seats (score)

We still had a good view though. They had a harp player 

The whole time I wanted to go up to that harp and have a go on it haha. 

After the ceremony was over it was time for dinner

And after dinner it was time for a snoop! This is their cake...

And they got a lot of lovely gifts

And for their favours they chose pick 'n' mix sweets

A lovely wedding!