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Sunday, 19 August 2012

It's Wedding Time

Happy Sunday, and wow has it been boiling hot this weekend. Hard to believe that England has better weather than Hawaii! As you may remember, the boyfriend and I got invited to a wedding of our lovely friends (see my wedding nazi antics here). 

It was a scorcher but very pretty venue, we pulled up to park surrounded by pretty lavender

The wedding and reception was in a hall that was a conversion (an old barn maybe?)

It was very nice inside, modern but still rustic

I really like the arrow slits

I thought the ceremony might be inside here

But it was so nice out.. 

They decided to brave the outdoors

Luckily we were there a little early and got some shady seats (score)

We still had a good view though. They had a harp player 

The whole time I wanted to go up to that harp and have a go on it haha. 

After the ceremony was over it was time for dinner

And after dinner it was time for a snoop! This is their cake...

And they got a lot of lovely gifts

And for their favours they chose pick 'n' mix sweets

A lovely wedding!

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