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Friday, 27 February 2015


So as a romantic gift to my significant other Kimberly I got us a joint Netflix subscription (everyone say aww)... ok so maybe that's not that romantic.. maybe I got a very nice bracelet... oops...  but it does mean we can watch the same shows and movies etc together until she moves to the jolly old British Isles once the NMC get their arses in gear (just don't ask, they are the height of ridiculousness).

However as Kimberly lives in America and I live in England the Netflix shows are slightly different, we got round this by downloading an add on to Chrome which is a VPN called Hola Better Internet so that we can switch between UK and USA Netflix which works quite nicely.

You guys, I'm addicted to Netflix. Maybe I'll even keep it after Kim moves here. All I can say is thank god I got it AFTER my dissertation. 


  1. You might find this helpful then, I built it to see what is on for each country :). There's an iPhone app too, but it does need a little work.

  2. You built that?? very impressive...