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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Specialist Nurses

So I'm on placement at the moment on a ward, but I just wanted to write a quick note to any other student nurses and really recommend booking yourself on days with specialist nurses because it really is so much fun. So far I've seen respiratory specialist nurses, diabetes, tracheotomy and I've got days with site practitioners, smoking cessation and hopefully tissue viability. You learn a ton but not in a boring pushy way like in classroom but by actually doing, I've been having such a great time and I think because specialist nurses obviously enjoy their speciality (or else why would they specialise in it!) they don't mind being quizzed. Just ring them up with your diary in hand and they're usually more than happy to fit you in and you will find yourself having a crash course on their subject. 

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Home Again

I didn't want to leave Center Parcs on our last day, we had a nice breakfast at the revolving restaurant there. This was our view when we sat down. 

As you can see the view got steadily worse as breakfast progressed but it was a novelty at least. 

And then instead of a lovely morning of swimming I had planned we drove home early because the boyfriend didn't feel well and when we got back we tidied the entire house ready for a house inspection, how rubbish can it get huh? Of course the house inspection person from the letting agency was in and out in two minutes flat. I did unpack and make use of my chalkboard mug from my brother though. 

And then today I half heartedly worked on an assignment I have at the moment, and oh isn't it cumbersome, have had to hand make (by which I mean faff about on paint and power point) these bloody nutritional labels for a zillion foods. 

Back to placement tomorrow, and then later work :( boooooo I want my holidays back!

Monday, 6 January 2014

Center Parcs - Day Three

We started off today with a deer spotting! I was very excited, the boyfriend less so. 

Our lovely friends visited us at Center Parcs today on £30 visitor day passes, Nadine and I started off feeding the ducks chocolate chip brioche. 

Then we went on a rather epic bike ride around all the villas which was really beautiful apart from at least three suicidal squirrels that took flying leaps in front of our push bikes. Luckily no one was hurt but we did scream and screech the brakes on a lot. 

The boys took their clubs down to the golf course which they said was really good and then we all met up for a pub lunch at Forrester's Inn. 

Then after that we spent absolutely ages swimming in the subtropical pool, we were all really bruised from the rapids afterwards and very pruney but it was great fun. Also I've been expanding my squashed penny collection you'll all be pleased to hear. 

Next, we'd reserved for dinner at Huck's the American style restaurant. It was really tasty. I had mozzarella sticks to start.

The boyfriend got bruschetta. 

And Nadine & Phil shared wings which they assured me were tasty. 

Next it was the main courses, we were all ridiculously full and the other three ordered a pitcher of Pepsi that was giant. 

Tasty; then it was time to say goodbye to our lovely friends, our day went by so fast. 

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Center Parcs - Day Two

We got up pretty late but I was amused by all the birds outside out room. 

And they liked us too. 

Especially when I fed them, I gave them a little bit of hot cross bun, part of an apple and a bit of a chocolate croissant. 

Then it was time for adventure golf, we had spectators. 

I was fairly rubbish as is tradition. 

The boyfriend was fairly good as is his tradition. 

As you can see I lost rather spectacularly. 

It was a little rainy so we looked round some of the shops. 

There's a ton of well known brands to choose from like Fat Face, Superdry, Puma, Cath Kidston, Nike, White Stuff... lots I can't remember haha. 

Lots of sports stuff and swim stuff. 

There are a lot of activities to pick from if you want to. The sword fighting looked fun (I'd sword fight the s*!t out of the boyfriend) but it's more lessons than epic battles sadly. 

There's a lot of restaurants to pick from.

And even a mini supermarket. 

With most things that you'd need really, as a lot of people self cater here instead of eating out. We really only brought breakfasts with us as we don't have a kitchen being in the hotel. 

The bakery is pretty good too...

For lunch we went to Dexter's Kitchen, a fast food type restaurant. 

We both had cajun chicken burgers with sweet potato fries, garlic mayo and yogurt dip. 

Mmmmmm. We had a bike ride round the lake and then the game was on (til the break of dawn!) for basketball. Obviously I lost as I am terrible but I did improve at cycling from the first day where I was clinging to my wobbling bike as I rode out of the cycle center saying "Ohhh noooo I've forgotten how to ride a bike!".

Then pool, obviously I lost as I am terrible... again (sighhhhh). 

Then time for dessert pancakes.

Then we went to the tropical swimming pool for hourssss, we were literally in there for about four hours, it was great. Wasn't really hungry after our big lunch for a proper dinner. The boyfriend got a baguette and crisps and a cake but I decided on a giant doughnut. 

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Center Parcs - Day One

I won't lie - I was pretty excited about coming to Center Parcs for the weekend. 

We couldn't check in til 3pm but we got there a bit early to take a look round and have lunch and stuff. Here's the lake - unfortunately it was closed for the winter so I couldn't push the boyfriend over the side of a canoe. 

There's not much signal here but there is wifi, enough to show us how crappy the weather was due to be this weekend, but oh well, we are English, we're all used to the rain aren't we? 

We got cheese and bacon pancakes at the pancake house for lunch (yummmmm).

And then we decided to pick up the bikes we hired for the weekend to beat the rush. 

Chose a lock, I obviously got purple. 

There were tons of bikes to choose from.

I absolutely adore my little bike, I went for a traditional style instead of a mountain bike and it's awesome, it even has a little elastic bit for me to put my handbag on the back and no stupid gears to faff about with. I'd quite like to keep my bike, I'll be sad to get rid of it at the end. Also you can ride it in a skirt. 

We stayed in the Lakeview Hotel and it's really nice here, also I think we got a good deal because we booked quite last minute, the long weekend was £209. 

All the Christmas lights are still up which is really pretty. 

In our room our bathroom was real nice with little double sink and heated floor. 

The sofa is ridiculously comfy and so is the bed.  

Nice little flat screen and DVD and CD player. 

We had a great time in the swimming pool and then we cycled to the country club to go for dinner at the pub there the Forester's Inn. 

We honestly had the nicest pub meal we've had in a really long time, it wasn't very crowded at all and we shared the baked Camembert.   

Then I had really tasty chicken and the boyfriend had fish and chips. 

Then a little night time cycle back and a bath for me, check out this weird tap though, you just set it to the temperature you want and turn.