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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Home Again

I didn't want to leave Center Parcs on our last day, we had a nice breakfast at the revolving restaurant there. This was our view when we sat down. 

As you can see the view got steadily worse as breakfast progressed but it was a novelty at least. 

And then instead of a lovely morning of swimming I had planned we drove home early because the boyfriend didn't feel well and when we got back we tidied the entire house ready for a house inspection, how rubbish can it get huh? Of course the house inspection person from the letting agency was in and out in two minutes flat. I did unpack and make use of my chalkboard mug from my brother though. 

And then today I half heartedly worked on an assignment I have at the moment, and oh isn't it cumbersome, have had to hand make (by which I mean faff about on paint and power point) these bloody nutritional labels for a zillion foods. 

Back to placement tomorrow, and then later work :( boooooo I want my holidays back!

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