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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Center Parcs - Day One

I won't lie - I was pretty excited about coming to Center Parcs for the weekend. 

We couldn't check in til 3pm but we got there a bit early to take a look round and have lunch and stuff. Here's the lake - unfortunately it was closed for the winter so I couldn't push the boyfriend over the side of a canoe. 

There's not much signal here but there is wifi, enough to show us how crappy the weather was due to be this weekend, but oh well, we are English, we're all used to the rain aren't we? 

We got cheese and bacon pancakes at the pancake house for lunch (yummmmm).

And then we decided to pick up the bikes we hired for the weekend to beat the rush. 

Chose a lock, I obviously got purple. 

There were tons of bikes to choose from.

I absolutely adore my little bike, I went for a traditional style instead of a mountain bike and it's awesome, it even has a little elastic bit for me to put my handbag on the back and no stupid gears to faff about with. I'd quite like to keep my bike, I'll be sad to get rid of it at the end. Also you can ride it in a skirt. 

We stayed in the Lakeview Hotel and it's really nice here, also I think we got a good deal because we booked quite last minute, the long weekend was £209. 

All the Christmas lights are still up which is really pretty. 

In our room our bathroom was real nice with little double sink and heated floor. 

The sofa is ridiculously comfy and so is the bed.  

Nice little flat screen and DVD and CD player. 

We had a great time in the swimming pool and then we cycled to the country club to go for dinner at the pub there the Forester's Inn. 

We honestly had the nicest pub meal we've had in a really long time, it wasn't very crowded at all and we shared the baked Camembert.   

Then I had really tasty chicken and the boyfriend had fish and chips. 

Then a little night time cycle back and a bath for me, check out this weird tap though, you just set it to the temperature you want and turn. 

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