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Friday, 9 March 2012

Confessions of a Would-Be Prepper

Ever see those movies where a contagious disease kills loads of people (don't scoff, think of the plague!) and people start looting and fighting for food? Or zombies? Or religious apocalpse? Nuclear war? Inflation gone mad? No more food??? Need I go on? Ok well anyway, everytime I see any sort of plot line that is remotely plausible (...maybe not the zombie ones) it makes me think about those survivalist preppers.

You know.. the ones that keep a years supply of food, amunition, live off the grid with a generator...?

And it turns out that you can actually buy a years supply of food in the UK now (paranoia has spread!) so I was checking it out here and worked out that if we just bought this we'd majorly save on our grocery bills by a few grand so it's win win!! Do I want reconstituted salmon or scrambled egg? Why yes, yes I do.

Despite that, the boyfriend still says I'm not allowed to get any OR store it in our garage. Sad times, what I really need is a bunker basement. In fact the boyfriend think's I'm quite mad but, who's going to want to share my dried macaroni cheese when the shh hits the fan? He is. All I'm saying is, it's no coincidence that Bear Grylls lives on a house boat and a private island... he knows whats coming. Bet he has chickens as well.


  1. You should extreme couponing!

  2. haha you need to get yourself out to the army surplus stores, they do oxygen tanks and gas masks and all kind of future war related merchendise! camping shops even do cans of coffee and soup that heat themselves up when you open them - oh the possibilities xx

    1. Ohhh thanks for the tip mon frere!