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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Flowering Tea

So I was watching Marie Antoinette the other day, you know the film of her, not the real thing. And she had flowering tea - tea that had a flower in it that opened in hot water! And I thought why am I here drinking normal tea like a mug (no pun intended) when I could be drinking flowering tea like a headless French queen? I'll tell you why, it's because green tea is rank and Marie Antoinette didn't have Twining's Earl Grey. But I digress...

So I scoured the internet for some and the other day it came in the post. 

They come in little packs and you take the bud out. 

Fill with hot water (I don't usually drink tea from a glass bowl I just thought it'd be better for flower viewing). 

And wait...

It's a flower!!

I got different varieties too. 

Very fun to play with... but sadly still green tea so you know... no. I did drink one cup and I guess it was OK but I just would really need a bit of the Earl in there to make things right. 

Saturday, 21 June 2014

My Bike

Recently after my lovely walk the other day I got thinking how nice it'd be to have a bike again and I could go on little bike ride trips etc. I loved my bike in Center Parcs and I saw this one for sale on gumtree and it looked exactly like it! Or you know... a bit like it. (Please ignore my uncut lawn guys, I'll cut it one day, I promise, for realz...).

And so I rode it home, and that was nice. Went out for my first official proper bike ride today with the boyfriend.... I hated it. Suddenly all those memories of all exercise I've ever done comes flooding back; I am 14 again and my Dad and Step-Mum have tricked me into asking for a bike for my birthday (you know, so we can all go out on bike rides... which happened never!!) then afterwards revealed I would be cycling the 3 miles up a hill to school now cuz they won't drive me anymore. 


Ahem. Anyway yeah so that sucked. I decided I will instate a new rule, no cycling on roads, cycle paths only, then I can pretend it's like Center Parcs, not like bloody cycling to horrible high school every day and then back again to horrible home. Waahh. 

Friday, 20 June 2014

Wheels On The Bus

I've been on a weeks spoke placement this past week and I've been feeling like I'm living on the bus. With that in mind I decided I would present you all with a photography spectacular art installation entitled the 'wheels on the bus', I haven't had any purchase offers yet but I think it's only a matter of time... 

See? They're bloody loving the bus! I however have not been...