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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Flowering Tea

So I was watching Marie Antoinette the other day, you know the film of her, not the real thing. And she had flowering tea - tea that had a flower in it that opened in hot water! And I thought why am I here drinking normal tea like a mug (no pun intended) when I could be drinking flowering tea like a headless French queen? I'll tell you why, it's because green tea is rank and Marie Antoinette didn't have Twining's Earl Grey. But I digress...

So I scoured the internet for some and the other day it came in the post. 

They come in little packs and you take the bud out. 

Fill with hot water (I don't usually drink tea from a glass bowl I just thought it'd be better for flower viewing). 

And wait...

It's a flower!!

I got different varieties too. 

Very fun to play with... but sadly still green tea so you know... no. I did drink one cup and I guess it was OK but I just would really need a bit of the Earl in there to make things right. 

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