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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Delia's Restaurant

A few of us went to Delia's restaurant Friday night, it was so nice there. They had two jazz guitar people playing, the restaurant was fairly quiet because it wasn't a match day so that was nice. 

We sat down and got some table snacks - I adore sweet potato crisps!

Then we all picked out some bread, I had tasty olive bread. 

This was my starter Thai fish cakes

Max had a manly chalice of soup!

Then for my main I had Thai green curry which was really nice, I hadn't tried it before

Then I had lemon cheesecake and completely forgot to take a photo of it (my friends and the boyfriend are used to be being weird and taking photos of food) and so here's a photo of Kiran's creme caramel 

After our meal with had tea/coffee and these mini choc ices, inside was Ronaldo's ice cream (remember Ronaldo's?)

It was really nice there and I'd definitely go again, if any of you fancy a visit all the details and the weekly menu is here 

Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Casual Vacancy and Snow Drops

I got the last one on the UEA Campus today!!! I read a bit, it's ok so far but it can't ever be as good as Harry Potter can it... it's about a small town where a Parish Councillor dies suddenly leaving a casual vacancy (as the title suggests). 

And this one I've just finished, we got it free from university as a gift. It was good but I like books with a happy ending and this one didn't really have that one. It's set in Russia where an English lawyer has a really dull existence until he meets this girl and her sister and events turn from then on. 

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


After my cousin's wedding the boyfriend and I had a trip to IKEA on the way home to Norwich. The square-about was confusing but we made it. 

Ohhh IKEA, how I love you and your cheap Scandinavian goods. 

As I was walking round the store a lady saw me take a photo and said oh look how sweet, she's taking pictures. Errr yeah? I got a blog to write lady, get with the program!

I got tasty dinner too for under £3! Lingdon berry juice, cinnamon rolls and calzone! 

Thank you IKEA, please move to Norwich <3 

Monday, 24 September 2012

A Dreadful Start

Today was the first day of my uni course and... it was just awful. Everything that could have gone wrong today, did. I started the day by waiting in the rain for the bus.... that didn't show up. Zoomed back to the house to beg the boyfriend for a lift as he had to wait in all day for our bed to be delivered (between 1pm-5pm). Boyfriend luckily did give me a lift, pulled out onto the main road on the way to uni, who was behind us? The bus, bloody 20 minutes late! So annoyed! Oh and it was raining. 

Next I got to uni and we had all the usual health and safety stuff. In a group of 200 people so didn't really get to know anyone apart from a few words here and there. Then (and this is not their fault) because I'm on the NHS bank I had to sit through the exact same fire safety lecture as I had a few weeks ago! I'm now a fire pro but I can't say it was the most profitable exchange of information! Apparently on main campus there was a freshers event with free pizza but we didn't get to go or do anything along the fun side of things and nor were we told about it so didn't go in lunch break. 

So finally left uni, still raining, and walk to my bus stop. Bus is late on the way back too, by ten minutes. Call First Bus to complain, on hold for 8 mins but think no, this is worth it, I have a bus pass damn it! Get through to some snotty customer services rep and explain my late bus issues and end up having to remind the awful man to apologise for the inconvenience! Honestly. Terrible customer service, then I was like is the problem fixed, will the bus turn up tomorrow? And he said he'd have to terminate the call if I was going to be patronising! Personally, I think those are valid questions considering the bus hasn't bothered to show up on time twice in one day. Finally hung up on man as he was clearly not fit to be operating a telephone and could see I was wasting my time. 

Then I finally get home about 5pm... bed has not been delivered by Dreams of Norwich, nor have they called the boyfriend to update him of any problems. Great! Ring the store which is open til 8pm.... and ring... and ring... and ring. No one answers, least of all Glen who apparently sold us our bed or so our receipt says. Call up customer services who transfer me to an answering machine...not helpful. So that's the cherry on top of the crappy day. Boyfriend has now driven round to the store to find out what's going on whilst I wait in at home because he's had to take the day off to wait in today and can't really afford to take another off. 

Sigh! What will go wrong tomorrow?

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Richmond Gate Hotel

We went to my cousin's wedding at the weekend and we stayed in a hotel for the night (thanks mum!). Here's mine and the boyfriends suitcase... 

As you can see he is a suitcase Nazi and has invaded two thirds of the space instead of his allocated half! Not cool. Anyway we had a massive room, we were up all these pokey stairs away from the main lot of rooms (which I dubbed the west wing) and we had our own little corridor within our room. 

Through one way was the big bathroom (hurrah free toiletries!) 

And through the other door our bedroom, I really like the tartan throw. 

I really didn't like the mini bar prices though - so expensive!!

£1.50 for a kinder bueno!! The horror! And I had to pay a fiver to park... at the hotel... where we already had a room paid for... boo indeed!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

2nd Wedding of 2012

Well the boyfriend and I had a very enjoyable Friday as we went to my cousin's wedding. It was a really lovely ceremony and it was held at Richmond Park.


The wedding had a travel theme and each table was themed for places the bride and groom have travelled (and they've very well travelled!). 

My family and I were on the Brazil table. 

Our name cards were little paper aeroplanes made out of maps.  

We had lots of fun throwing the paper aeroplanes at each other after dinner until my youngest cousin (I say young, 30) chucked one at my great aunt's hair ha ha. 

Dinner was really nice, the fishcake starter was really really tasty and flavourful. Throughout dinner we had all noticed a shot glass by our dinner settings and we all wondered what they could be for... then the mystery was solved in the groom's speech!

On the groom's travels he had bought a bottle of local alcohol in each country he had been to, resulting in a very large booze collection which he had decided, as a married man, he really ought not to have. And so each country (table) got a bottle to try a shot of, our table got some very strong and very horrible rum, we did swap with other tables to try them all. The best one was a lovely creamy liqueur like a fruity Bailey's. I think North Korea table may have got a raw deal as they had a tiny bottle to share (to have a bigger bottle of booze in North Korea is to be declared a capitalist!). 

These are the wedding cakes

As the night went on the main cakes had little babies. 

And that sums up the last wedding of the year the boyfriend and I will go to, a very nice day was had by all. 

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Leaving Work AKA Sugar Shenanigans

I left work today, sad times. 

My desk at work is all packed up and tidy and restocked for the next person to use it. It's never normally this neat... ok it's quite neat... I'm a bit obsessed with stationery.

I was lucky enough to have two leaving lunches and my lovely boss came to our department lunch at the Wig & Pen even though she's on maternity leave at the moment and she brought her super gorgeous baby (who was so cuddly and well behaved that I just wanted to keep her). Totally gutted to leave my awesome boss. My second leaving lunch was with a bunch of girls from the office at the very unhealthy but tasty Zaks next door our work which was fun and really tasty. These are my cards - 

Then I had to turn in my florescent fire marshal arm band (woe is me) and clip board. Tidy up all the loose ends of on going work, hand in my laptop and IT equipment, desk key, door pass, delete all my emails and then... nothing! Rachel brought in birthday pick'n'mix so lots of sugar was consumed throughout the day which made us all a bit hyper. I got a gift voucher which will come in handy to buy a new handbag and/or purse - 

And I got loads of capri suns (I love capri suns and so does pussy cat)

And earrings, necessary snack yorkie and helpful medicine and pepper pig thermometer haha. 

I always think it's so sad to leave the people you've worked with and gotten to know every day; even though I'm looking forward to my degree and there's always Facebook it's not quite the same. There was lots of goodbye hugs :(

Monday, 17 September 2012

Giant Cake

I'm just saying...

If faced with this many cakes... 

What would Jesus you do?

I couldn't eat it all but I gave it a very good attempt ha ha

Sunday, 16 September 2012

New Shoes - Finally!

As previously mentioned I am hideously unfashionable. I have been searching for pump shoes like this for aaages, could I find any? No. But yesterday I conquered and got some! 

Too Jazzy? 

I was actually shopping for some new tops so really I failed dismally. Stay tuned for an update on the dieting *spoiler* I've been rather rubbish. 

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Working Working Working

I only have 7 days of full time employment left until I start my nursing degree but because I have also started my job at the hospital I've been working working working on the weekends too and by the time I go to my lovely cousin's wedding the day after I finish my full time job I'll have had one day off out of 26 in a row! 

But luckily my shifts at the hospital are only 6 hours and I've been going for the late shift so I get a snooze twice a week at least! Phew. Roll on the next two weeks...

In other news I have Rick Astley stuck in my head today, very annoying lol

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Weekend Ritual

Weekends mean tasty soup for lunch

Yum yum yum

Much better than what almost happened Friday, I said to the boyfriend I was thinking of cutting down a bit. Oh right he says, lets go out for a meal before we go grocery shopping. Ok I said. So I get a text later in the day.... how about McDonalds he says. Err... cutting down? Ok, how about KFC he replies?

Ohhh dearrr!

Monday, 3 September 2012

The Woes Of Bedfordshire

So it's a Saturday night and it's getting late and I have work at the hospital the next day and I decide it's really time to catch some Zzzzs so I trundle up to bed and get in my jammies and brush my teeth etc. and get into bed all comfy. Ten minutes later the boyfriend comes up in a mood to annoy me (we do this to each other when we're bored), leaps on me and the bed crashes. The crunching of wood! Ahhhh! And so now it's completely broken and on the wonk (on my side... thanks awfully!). 

Actually now it's in bits because we've bought a new bed from Dreams. And wasn't that a chore. I hate when you go in that type of big store at industrial park and all the sales assistants follow you spout sales spiel. Now I know that's their job it's just a hard sale annoys me and if anything it puts me off of buying things. For once I would have loved to have just walked into the store without the immediate "Anything I can help you with today, were you looking for a new bed?". Well no actually, I was looking for a roast chicken but you seem to be out of stock... I'm browsing for beds moron, it's a bed shop, bugger off!

Anyhow, we picked out a bed, only thing is it's not delivered for three weeks on the Monday after we go to London for my lovely cousin's wedding and it also happens to be the Monday I start university so..... yeah.... inconvenient. As the hard sales guy was putting the bed through the till (slowly) I looked at the sign behind him that says that Dreams can get us our bed delivered the next day and said "that's a lie isn't it?". Turns out it was!

So it's mattress on the floor until the 24th.... we know how to live it up. 

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Review - Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Serum

As you may have established, I'm not much of a girly girl and as such my beauty regime is pretty much non-existant. The thought of plastering my face in foundation and caking make up on over that is not a welcome one and so usually if it's not eye liner, I'm not wearing it. I have however found a moisturiser I really like and as I just bought some more with a gift voucher I got for Christmas from my Uncle, I thought I'd share.

It's the Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Serum and it goes on really quickly and easily and what I love most about it is that it's not thick and I don't feel like it clogs up my pores. It also goes into my skin really quickly - I hate it when you think, oh I'll be good and moisturise and then no matter how little you seem to put on you're slightly sticky for the next hour or so. There are other products that go with it I think like a night cream and a moisture cream to go over the serum but you know - that's clearly not going to happen haha.

Anyways, if you're a hater of sticky heavy moisturisers, this ones a keeper and is yours from the Body Shop for a tenner. Bargain.