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Monday, 3 September 2012

The Woes Of Bedfordshire

So it's a Saturday night and it's getting late and I have work at the hospital the next day and I decide it's really time to catch some Zzzzs so I trundle up to bed and get in my jammies and brush my teeth etc. and get into bed all comfy. Ten minutes later the boyfriend comes up in a mood to annoy me (we do this to each other when we're bored), leaps on me and the bed crashes. The crunching of wood! Ahhhh! And so now it's completely broken and on the wonk (on my side... thanks awfully!). 

Actually now it's in bits because we've bought a new bed from Dreams. And wasn't that a chore. I hate when you go in that type of big store at industrial park and all the sales assistants follow you spout sales spiel. Now I know that's their job it's just a hard sale annoys me and if anything it puts me off of buying things. For once I would have loved to have just walked into the store without the immediate "Anything I can help you with today, were you looking for a new bed?". Well no actually, I was looking for a roast chicken but you seem to be out of stock... I'm browsing for beds moron, it's a bed shop, bugger off!

Anyhow, we picked out a bed, only thing is it's not delivered for three weeks on the Monday after we go to London for my lovely cousin's wedding and it also happens to be the Monday I start university so..... yeah.... inconvenient. As the hard sales guy was putting the bed through the till (slowly) I looked at the sign behind him that says that Dreams can get us our bed delivered the next day and said "that's a lie isn't it?". Turns out it was!

So it's mattress on the floor until the 24th.... we know how to live it up. 

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