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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Richmond Gate Hotel

We went to my cousin's wedding at the weekend and we stayed in a hotel for the night (thanks mum!). Here's mine and the boyfriends suitcase... 

As you can see he is a suitcase Nazi and has invaded two thirds of the space instead of his allocated half! Not cool. Anyway we had a massive room, we were up all these pokey stairs away from the main lot of rooms (which I dubbed the west wing) and we had our own little corridor within our room. 

Through one way was the big bathroom (hurrah free toiletries!) 

And through the other door our bedroom, I really like the tartan throw. 

I really didn't like the mini bar prices though - so expensive!!

£1.50 for a kinder bueno!! The horror! And I had to pay a fiver to park... at the hotel... where we already had a room paid for... boo indeed!

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