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Monday, 24 September 2012

A Dreadful Start

Today was the first day of my uni course and... it was just awful. Everything that could have gone wrong today, did. I started the day by waiting in the rain for the bus.... that didn't show up. Zoomed back to the house to beg the boyfriend for a lift as he had to wait in all day for our bed to be delivered (between 1pm-5pm). Boyfriend luckily did give me a lift, pulled out onto the main road on the way to uni, who was behind us? The bus, bloody 20 minutes late! So annoyed! Oh and it was raining. 

Next I got to uni and we had all the usual health and safety stuff. In a group of 200 people so didn't really get to know anyone apart from a few words here and there. Then (and this is not their fault) because I'm on the NHS bank I had to sit through the exact same fire safety lecture as I had a few weeks ago! I'm now a fire pro but I can't say it was the most profitable exchange of information! Apparently on main campus there was a freshers event with free pizza but we didn't get to go or do anything along the fun side of things and nor were we told about it so didn't go in lunch break. 

So finally left uni, still raining, and walk to my bus stop. Bus is late on the way back too, by ten minutes. Call First Bus to complain, on hold for 8 mins but think no, this is worth it, I have a bus pass damn it! Get through to some snotty customer services rep and explain my late bus issues and end up having to remind the awful man to apologise for the inconvenience! Honestly. Terrible customer service, then I was like is the problem fixed, will the bus turn up tomorrow? And he said he'd have to terminate the call if I was going to be patronising! Personally, I think those are valid questions considering the bus hasn't bothered to show up on time twice in one day. Finally hung up on man as he was clearly not fit to be operating a telephone and could see I was wasting my time. 

Then I finally get home about 5pm... bed has not been delivered by Dreams of Norwich, nor have they called the boyfriend to update him of any problems. Great! Ring the store which is open til 8pm.... and ring... and ring... and ring. No one answers, least of all Glen who apparently sold us our bed or so our receipt says. Call up customer services who transfer me to an answering machine...not helpful. So that's the cherry on top of the crappy day. Boyfriend has now driven round to the store to find out what's going on whilst I wait in at home because he's had to take the day off to wait in today and can't really afford to take another off. 

Sigh! What will go wrong tomorrow?

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