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Saturday, 30 March 2013


Easter bank holiday = time for a new shower curtain. Too jazzy?

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Marks & Spencer Birthday Breakfast

I feel like I've done nothing but eat out lately! It was the boyfriends birthday yesterday so we decided to have breakfast out (that, and we ran out of bagels!). We took a trip to Marks and Sparks in Norwich for something tasty with the voucher my mum sent the boyfriend. 

I haven't eaten here since they had their refurbishment but it was very nice and we got to pick our seats which sounds silly but normally you just get dumped wherever the waitress can be bothered to walk to. 

We had freshly squeezed orange juice

The boyfriend had a full English breakfast, he didn't want black pudding (ugh!) or mushrooms (also ugh!) but they wouldn't give him anything else in its place like extra bacon so that was a bit of a let down if you don't enjoy eating congealed blood, which he doesn't. 

I, on the other hand, tried some eggs benedict which was absolutely lovely. I hadn't had it before and it really did taste very nice. I thought it was all priced quite reasonably too. 

Saturday, 16 March 2013


The boyfriend and I went to Zak's the other night for a meal out

There are a couple Zak's but we went to the waterside one and it's styled out like an old fashioned American diner 

We got tasty milkshakes, I think maple is the best flavour but the boyfriend had coffee

We decided to have burgers because Zak's is one of the few places you can be sure you're not eating... well... horse. The boyfriend had the JD burger

And I had cheese, bacon and egg burger and we both had sweet potato fries

Then we only just squeezed in dessert, the boyfriend had cookie dough cheesecake

And I had toffee and banana pie

How yum!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Is That A Hair Piece?

"What?" I'd said, amused. 
"Your bun, is it a stick on hair piece?" asked the other healthcare assistant 
"Err..., just my hair" I said 
"Ohh. You've got one of those doughnut thingies, haven't you" she said eyeing my head suspiciously

Well readers, not quite. You see at hospital you must have you hair off your collar, which means cut short or up, no trailing your hair through patient's bodily fluids and what not! If I put my hair up in a bun it either falls out or just generally looks a bit messy and those bun doughnuts look like a lot of effort with hair pins and so I buy these from ebay - click here

They're so easy, you just twist your hair up in them and they look far better than I could ever do with just a hairband for under a few quid. Sorted. 

And rest assured I will never, ever be pinning fake hair into my own, eurgh!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Module 2

Well chums, I've finished my module one of my degree and it's straight onto module two. Although the nice thing is that all my assignments have been handed in so that's a weight off my mind. The only thing I still have outstanding is waiting for all the expenses (about £600!) to be paid back to me from my placement for accommodation and travel costs - not just because it's a lot of money but because my placement was far away and I had to pay out all that money I had to get a loan from the Dean of Students (what a chore) and really would like to get that paid off as owing money stresses me out. 

I've already been assigned my next placement which I'm really pleased with and its far closer to me so no loan or crazy expense claims which I detest. Hurrah!