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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Marks & Spencer Birthday Breakfast

I feel like I've done nothing but eat out lately! It was the boyfriends birthday yesterday so we decided to have breakfast out (that, and we ran out of bagels!). We took a trip to Marks and Sparks in Norwich for something tasty with the voucher my mum sent the boyfriend. 

I haven't eaten here since they had their refurbishment but it was very nice and we got to pick our seats which sounds silly but normally you just get dumped wherever the waitress can be bothered to walk to. 

We had freshly squeezed orange juice

The boyfriend had a full English breakfast, he didn't want black pudding (ugh!) or mushrooms (also ugh!) but they wouldn't give him anything else in its place like extra bacon so that was a bit of a let down if you don't enjoy eating congealed blood, which he doesn't. 

I, on the other hand, tried some eggs benedict which was absolutely lovely. I hadn't had it before and it really did taste very nice. I thought it was all priced quite reasonably too. 

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