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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Working Working Working

I only have 7 days of full time employment left until I start my nursing degree but because I have also started my job at the hospital I've been working working working on the weekends too and by the time I go to my lovely cousin's wedding the day after I finish my full time job I'll have had one day off out of 26 in a row! 

But luckily my shifts at the hospital are only 6 hours and I've been going for the late shift so I get a snooze twice a week at least! Phew. Roll on the next two weeks...

In other news I have Rick Astley stuck in my head today, very annoying lol


  1. you know the rules, AND SO DO IIIIII!!! :D

  2. I know the feeling, been working for 33 days with one day off. Only three more to go and I'm done!