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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day

Well Christmas is over for another year and I got spoilt - just look at all my lovely gifts from my friends and family!

Pussycat enjoyed his gifts too, he sat happily in this little bandanna bib and then spent a good 30 minutes having an epic battle against a catnip fish that my sister sent him (we had to confiscate the fish and put it in the airing cupboard because it was wet where he'd been drooling over it!). He also ate a good deal of dreamies treats. 

The boyfriend and I spent the morning at our house opening our stockings and gifts under the tree, then we made our way over to the boyfriend's mum where we got waited on and had tasty dinner and games in the evening. 

Today we went to shop the sales and hardly got anything, we were only in the city for about an hour and hardly anyone else was, it was dead! And it wasn't surprising, the shops didn't seem to have anything actually on sale!

Monday, 24 December 2012

T'was The Night Before Christmas

Last day on the advent calendar

And the boyfriend and I decided the day before Christmas would be a good time to go grocery shopping... it wasn't too busy. And I got a marshmallow snowman. 

And we got some giraffe bread (did you see that sweet story?)

Friday, 14 December 2012

Easy Apple Pudding

I had extra apples the other day so I was googling recipes to use them up until I found that my mum had put a lovely apple pudding recipe in a recipe tin she gave me although - I don't remember her ever making me this!

I cracked 3 eggs. 

I added my sifted sugar and flour

Gave it a good whisk with a fork 

I got my apples

Gave them a chop and lined the bottom of my tin (although I have a smaller tin than I needed so I used less sugar and flour). I only needed about 2 and a half so I ate the other half left over to destroy the evidence and taste test - very important. 

Then I covered my chopped apples with the batter 

Cooked it for 30 mins, checked and then left it in for another 10 mins

Then my apple pud was done

Tasty tasty!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

FashionInc App

I downloaded a new app the other day that I thought I'd share. Probably one for the girls rather then the menfolk.

It's called FashionInc, this is your little shop here.

And you basically run the shop and design the clothes in it etc.

This is the marketing floor where you can advertise your clothes to increase sales (e.g. by flyer)

This is the designing floor where you get to pick out items of clothes that are plain white, you then choose the colour and pattern you want them.

Then you have the tailors floor where they make your clothes for you. After that it's down to the bottom floor where the shop is.

It's quite fun to play on the bus but it's a battery drainer and has a few bugs to kink out. 

Monday, 10 December 2012

Clinical Skills

I spent today doing lots of skills practice at school. We learnt how to take blood glucose readings (although I already do this at work but it was fun to test my own for a change). At least one part of me is normal!

Then we got to practice intramuscular (into the muscle) and subcutaneous (into the fat) injections using water to inject and a lovely slab of fake rubber skin as you can see below. So that was all good fun. I have done injections on placement before but it's something I think is quite fun to practice. It's much nicer to stab fake rubber skin with a needle than actual people. 

Friday, 7 December 2012

Christmas Assistant

This Christmas I've had a dedicated assistant... 

He inspects the tree

And guards for intruders

He tests out gift boxes

And patrols the borders for snow

He's also a pro at wrapping

Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Tree Is Up

The tree is up, we got a nice  bushy tree this year. 

As always we had the argument of real vs fake, the boyfriend is in favour of a fake tree but I just think they're so ugly and tacky so I won out and we got a little potted tree. Hurrah!

(Not so) expertly decorated. 

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Past The Point Of Polite

On my first day of university where the bus I needed was catastrophically late, I met a girl at the bus stop and we got chatting. Since then every time we happen to be going into class the same time on the same bus we stop and have a chat. 

She's a med student and a neighbour who lives on my road. It's quite handy to know her because whenever the subject of doctors are brought up at nursing school where I attend I get to start sentences that begin "my friend who's a med student says...". Also it's nice to have someone to abuse First Buses with when they're late (which is always). 

However, we've now known each other a few months and it had gotten past the point where either of us could politely ask each other our names. Also I couldn't remember if I had already told her my name and just forgotten hers (which would be far worse!). 

It just so happened I got off the bus yesterday and she was waiting for one the other side of the road and we had a chat whilst she waited for her bus to come and a catch up as we had both been on placement since we last saw each other. She showed me her ID badge photo for me to laugh at and I saw it! Her name! Finally! I asked "is it weird I only just found out what your name was?". And it turned out she had the exact same dilemma, it had gotten past the point of polite asking, she said she had even come up with a plan for her housemate to ask me my name haha. Perhaps I should have just asked in the first place. 

It's Amy by the way.