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Friday, 14 December 2012

Easy Apple Pudding

I had extra apples the other day so I was googling recipes to use them up until I found that my mum had put a lovely apple pudding recipe in a recipe tin she gave me although - I don't remember her ever making me this!

I cracked 3 eggs. 

I added my sifted sugar and flour

Gave it a good whisk with a fork 

I got my apples

Gave them a chop and lined the bottom of my tin (although I have a smaller tin than I needed so I used less sugar and flour). I only needed about 2 and a half so I ate the other half left over to destroy the evidence and taste test - very important. 

Then I covered my chopped apples with the batter 

Cooked it for 30 mins, checked and then left it in for another 10 mins

Then my apple pud was done

Tasty tasty!


  1. i tried this out with pears instead of apples , and it is just as tasty, but maybe with come custard to turn into a really yummy dessert ;)