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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day

Well Christmas is over for another year and I got spoilt - just look at all my lovely gifts from my friends and family!

Pussycat enjoyed his gifts too, he sat happily in this little bandanna bib and then spent a good 30 minutes having an epic battle against a catnip fish that my sister sent him (we had to confiscate the fish and put it in the airing cupboard because it was wet where he'd been drooling over it!). He also ate a good deal of dreamies treats. 

The boyfriend and I spent the morning at our house opening our stockings and gifts under the tree, then we made our way over to the boyfriend's mum where we got waited on and had tasty dinner and games in the evening. 

Today we went to shop the sales and hardly got anything, we were only in the city for about an hour and hardly anyone else was, it was dead! And it wasn't surprising, the shops didn't seem to have anything actually on sale!

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