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Monday, 15 April 2013

Banham Zoo

The boyfriend and I went to the Zoo last weekend with our dear friends Nadine & Phil. 

It was a nice warm day but quite windy which, because I stupidly left my hair down, resulted in much accidental hair eating throughout the day. Also the poor birds in the air show were struggling against it. 

So we had a nice wonder round and saw the animals. Nadine upset a Zebra.

The boys got close on the train ride (ahh)

We made a little mate. 

And had a lovely picnic.

And then I apparently broke the law. There were beef rolls left over so I decided to give them to the chickens rather than throwing them away and they were loving the beef. I think it must make a chicken feel superior to get to eat a cow. I passed a sign later on in the petting zoo that said it was illegal to feed livestock meat.... oops. 

Either way, a fun day was had by all, bit expensive for entry though. 

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