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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Thetford Forest

They boyfriend and I decided we'd go out on Sunday to amuse ourselves and we decided to take a trip to High Lodge in Thetford Forest. 

We packed up some rations (NB less healthy rations not pictured)

And off we set

It is just beautiful to walk round, when I was a kid my family was big on going out for a walk in nearby forests but I have to say the boyfriend's family apparently was not because towards the end the air became punctuated with "my legs hurt" and much sighing. 

We took the fir tree walk which was three miles which I think was a comfortable length for a leisurely amble but I wouldn't have minded doing a little longer but there weren't any maps along the route and my phone had no signal to look them up online. Maybe next time some forward planning is needed. 

We looked into hiring bikes but it cost quite a lot really and the parking cost us £6.50 so I didn't really want to pay any more on top of that. 

Kitty was eager to join our picnic 

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