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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Leaving Work AKA Sugar Shenanigans

I left work today, sad times. 

My desk at work is all packed up and tidy and restocked for the next person to use it. It's never normally this neat... ok it's quite neat... I'm a bit obsessed with stationery.

I was lucky enough to have two leaving lunches and my lovely boss came to our department lunch at the Wig & Pen even though she's on maternity leave at the moment and she brought her super gorgeous baby (who was so cuddly and well behaved that I just wanted to keep her). Totally gutted to leave my awesome boss. My second leaving lunch was with a bunch of girls from the office at the very unhealthy but tasty Zaks next door our work which was fun and really tasty. These are my cards - 

Then I had to turn in my florescent fire marshal arm band (woe is me) and clip board. Tidy up all the loose ends of on going work, hand in my laptop and IT equipment, desk key, door pass, delete all my emails and then... nothing! Rachel brought in birthday pick'n'mix so lots of sugar was consumed throughout the day which made us all a bit hyper. I got a gift voucher which will come in handy to buy a new handbag and/or purse - 

And I got loads of capri suns (I love capri suns and so does pussy cat)

And earrings, necessary snack yorkie and helpful medicine and pepper pig thermometer haha. 

I always think it's so sad to leave the people you've worked with and gotten to know every day; even though I'm looking forward to my degree and there's always Facebook it's not quite the same. There was lots of goodbye hugs :(


  1. Awww we will miss you Hayley! Wishing you lots of luck xx

  2. Vicky add me on facebook I can't find you :(