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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Past The Point Of Polite

On my first day of university where the bus I needed was catastrophically late, I met a girl at the bus stop and we got chatting. Since then every time we happen to be going into class the same time on the same bus we stop and have a chat. 

She's a med student and a neighbour who lives on my road. It's quite handy to know her because whenever the subject of doctors are brought up at nursing school where I attend I get to start sentences that begin "my friend who's a med student says...". Also it's nice to have someone to abuse First Buses with when they're late (which is always). 

However, we've now known each other a few months and it had gotten past the point where either of us could politely ask each other our names. Also I couldn't remember if I had already told her my name and just forgotten hers (which would be far worse!). 

It just so happened I got off the bus yesterday and she was waiting for one the other side of the road and we had a chat whilst she waited for her bus to come and a catch up as we had both been on placement since we last saw each other. She showed me her ID badge photo for me to laugh at and I saw it! Her name! Finally! I asked "is it weird I only just found out what your name was?". And it turned out she had the exact same dilemma, it had gotten past the point of polite asking, she said she had even come up with a plan for her housemate to ask me my name haha. Perhaps I should have just asked in the first place. 

It's Amy by the way. 

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