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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Years Eve

As previously mentioned I hate clubbing with a passion, especially on New Years Eve, the most expensive over hyped night of the year. None of my friends were having parties; I certainly couldn't be bothered to have a party and so the boyfriend and I lived the high life.... at bingo with his family. Yes, yes, we're that cool - but it was actually very funny.

This is my lovely bingo diary I got free, jealous? Hell yeah you are

We didn't win but it was still lots of fun and we had some food (which always seems freakishly cheap to me, it's very nice and they do 2 meals for £6.99 and a few meals for a pound!). I decided I would forego a proper meal and just have a dessert. 

Then we went home to watch the London fireworks on TV, god knows how much they must have spent on them, no wonder England is poor. I hope you all enjoyed your New Year. 

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