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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Easy Ham & Peas Risotto

When I have spare time I do enjoy cooking but I find the problem with so many recipes is that I'm a lazy cook and if there are too many ingredients I'm not interested. I'm not going out to buy chicory, fennel seeds, ground cloves or bay leaves - it's just not happening. Yes I know it makes the recipe fancy and "different" buy I just can't be arsed. 

Imagine my joy when I see a risotto recipe with only 5 ingredients! Score! 

I chopped my leek first (this was an extra ingredient as I happened to have one in the fridge and though may as well stick it in).

Then my onion.

And I fried this in spray olive oil for about 5 minutes and then added chopped ham from the deli (3 slices).

Then I gave that a fry for another 5 or so minutes.

Then I made up a litre of vegetable stock (using stock cubes obviously, I'm far too lazy to make up actual stock) and added the stock and 300 grams of risotto rice to the pan and brought it to the boil.

I turned the heat down a little, covered and left it for 20 mins stirring occasionally. Then I added my peas and left on the heat for about 3 minutes stirring. 

I gave it the taste test and decided to add a little more water because I like softer rice - stir, stir, stir. 

And then a bit of parmesan to finish, yummerz! I found we had way too much for two people but I think could serve 4 if there was also a small side?

And there you have it, the cheater's risotto. 

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