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Thursday, 5 March 2015

What A Nice Day... Kind Of

Today has been pretty nice, I woke up with no alarm clock involved (what a luxury to sleep until I naturally awaken!) browsed some of my favourite websites and blogs on my laptop in bed for a bit and then a knock at the door and some flowers arrived just because (errr yes Mr Postman, I am answering the front door in my fleecy pyjamas, what of it?). 

How nice. And miniature chocolates - this is good - because of their small size I feel lees guilty eating them. I feel like with a box of chocolates you need to have a strategy eating them, I start with my least favourite and end with my most. You have to think these things through you know for the maximum enjoyment of said chocolates. 

Then I had a spot of lunch and chatted to the girlfriend on the phone before going to the movies with friends to see the Grand Budapest Hotel... even though it came out over a year ago. I have no idea why it was still on but it was a bit strange. It was ok though. Then a few of us went to Nandos which is obviously always awesome. 

Anyways then I got home and that's where the nice day ebbed off, I got home to my horrible shared house of mouldy walls and perpetual coldness, had a few chores to do then because the landlord is coming round for yet another viewing tomorrow got told I could only use the kitchen if I kept it tidy... aha... yeeeeah. I'm rather glad I am at work tomorrow (not that I'm ever consulted for what day the landlord comes round...) because I sublet so on those days I have to pack the poor cat up and then the cat and I have to leave the property and pretend not to exist... awesome. Counting down the days to no more sharing and no more having to pretend I don't exist for the intrusive visits that seem to take place every other bloody week lately. Joy. 

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