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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Remember I had my first post qualified nursing job interview at the James Paget? Well I also had the interview for the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital (which was very similar to the James Paget interview but with a maths and English exam) and I got offered both jobs, both on the wards I requested. Which is great but also not so great.

I already work at the Norfolk and Norwich and I happen to know the staff on the ward that I got offered a job on are absolutely lovely and I know I would really enjoy it there. On the other hand the staffing at the Norfolk and Norwich just in general across all areas isn't very good at the moment where as the James Paget is excellent in comparison, the James Paget has a nurse to patient ratio of 1 to 6 (which is very good in England), the Norfolk and Norwich is 1 to 12. I brought this up in the interview at the Norfolk & Norwich and they made it pretty clear that this wasn't going to be changing any time soon and not only that but it would be likely I would be rotated to other wards... no thanks!

But then I have to consider my girlfriend Kimberly as well who is hoping to move over to England this year and also work in England, she is used to a nurse to patient ratio of 1 to 4 so 12 might be a horrible shock to her. Also more importantly we need to find her somewhere where the employer will sponsor her visa. So I decided to ring both hospitals and float the idea of this and that this would be the deciding factor and the James Paget seemed a lot more willing! Things are never simple are they!

In other news I passed my dissertation with a good mark whilst still maintaining my record of never having withdrawn a book from the library (score!). One more module to go... 

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