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Friday, 20 March 2015


Um.. so did your solar eclipse look like mine? Just a vast endless stretch of grey as far as the eye can see? Ok good just checking I didn't miss out for the SECOND time. All those warnings, 'Oh don't burn your retinas'... heh yeah right. 

I will be sure not to do that... 
In other news little Barclay has the vets today, look how happy he is. 

Stuffs been going fiiiiine, got told where my last placement is for sign-off which I'm really happy about as the area I got given. I'm trying to work a lot of shifts at my job to save up for a car because I'll be moving come summer time and will need a car. Ugh I know, the time has come to actually purchase a car. After all these years of dodging car ownership. All these years of sympathetic nodding when my friends have told me how much they had to fork out on their crappy motors. You guys, I'm poor. Am fully intending on spending my last instalment of student loan on said car. 

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