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Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Last weekend we had the boyfriend's nephew to stay and I was so thrilled that all his favourite toys were toys I'd loved when I was a kid like Lego and Where's Wally books. He liked watching Tom & Jerry even. Although whilst flicking through kids channels I noticed they've remade Fireman Sam! This is a travesty.

Anyways, I got major nostalgia over all the kid stuff. I do miss Sharky and George most of all.

Forget the Navy, in my day, Sharky and George where the crimebusters of the sea...

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  1. they re-made fireman sam? WHAAAAA? It's an outrage :( we've been taking the piss out of Jim's mum because she thought Wally of Where's Wally nostalgia was called Willy!! p.s. Sharky & George were the tits :D