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Friday, 24 February 2012

A Little Bit Orkney

Do you ever think it might be nice to live on the Isle of Wight or Jersey or something? Maybe not forever but for a little while as a novelty. Only you need to bring some sort of skill to the island and get a work permit and you're not considered a resident until after X years and the property prices are through the roof? Ugh, who needs it?

As many of you may know I'm obsessed with having a log cabin and my new ideal location for my log cabin is the Orkey Isles - all the charm of the Channel Islands but no work permits or restrictions and stuff like that (good thing too as I'm skill-less haha!). What a lovely place to retire to maybe and keep chickens, get a little boat and frolic.

Cheap rents, still part of the UK so all the same benefits and health care etc. You can still shop off the internet, the sea means its not too cold, catch the northern lights, not too many neighbours. Oh glorious chickens... one day you will be mine.

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