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Monday, 6 January 2014

Center Parcs - Day Three

We started off today with a deer spotting! I was very excited, the boyfriend less so. 

Our lovely friends visited us at Center Parcs today on £30 visitor day passes, Nadine and I started off feeding the ducks chocolate chip brioche. 

Then we went on a rather epic bike ride around all the villas which was really beautiful apart from at least three suicidal squirrels that took flying leaps in front of our push bikes. Luckily no one was hurt but we did scream and screech the brakes on a lot. 

The boys took their clubs down to the golf course which they said was really good and then we all met up for a pub lunch at Forrester's Inn. 

Then after that we spent absolutely ages swimming in the subtropical pool, we were all really bruised from the rapids afterwards and very pruney but it was great fun. Also I've been expanding my squashed penny collection you'll all be pleased to hear. 

Next, we'd reserved for dinner at Huck's the American style restaurant. It was really tasty. I had mozzarella sticks to start.

The boyfriend got bruschetta. 

And Nadine & Phil shared wings which they assured me were tasty. 

Next it was the main courses, we were all ridiculously full and the other three ordered a pitcher of Pepsi that was giant. 

Tasty; then it was time to say goodbye to our lovely friends, our day went by so fast. 

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