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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Center Parcs - Day Two

We got up pretty late but I was amused by all the birds outside out room. 

And they liked us too. 

Especially when I fed them, I gave them a little bit of hot cross bun, part of an apple and a bit of a chocolate croissant. 

Then it was time for adventure golf, we had spectators. 

I was fairly rubbish as is tradition. 

The boyfriend was fairly good as is his tradition. 

As you can see I lost rather spectacularly. 

It was a little rainy so we looked round some of the shops. 

There's a ton of well known brands to choose from like Fat Face, Superdry, Puma, Cath Kidston, Nike, White Stuff... lots I can't remember haha. 

Lots of sports stuff and swim stuff. 

There are a lot of activities to pick from if you want to. The sword fighting looked fun (I'd sword fight the s*!t out of the boyfriend) but it's more lessons than epic battles sadly. 

There's a lot of restaurants to pick from.

And even a mini supermarket. 

With most things that you'd need really, as a lot of people self cater here instead of eating out. We really only brought breakfasts with us as we don't have a kitchen being in the hotel. 

The bakery is pretty good too...

For lunch we went to Dexter's Kitchen, a fast food type restaurant. 

We both had cajun chicken burgers with sweet potato fries, garlic mayo and yogurt dip. 

Mmmmmm. We had a bike ride round the lake and then the game was on (til the break of dawn!) for basketball. Obviously I lost as I am terrible but I did improve at cycling from the first day where I was clinging to my wobbling bike as I rode out of the cycle center saying "Ohhh noooo I've forgotten how to ride a bike!".

Then pool, obviously I lost as I am terrible... again (sighhhhh). 

Then time for dessert pancakes.

Then we went to the tropical swimming pool for hourssss, we were literally in there for about four hours, it was great. Wasn't really hungry after our big lunch for a proper dinner. The boyfriend got a baguette and crisps and a cake but I decided on a giant doughnut. 

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