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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Marriott's Way

The boyfriend and I both happened to have the bank holiday Monday off this week (after a fiasco where I tried to get to placement at 6am on the bus before realising it was running Sunday hours - duh!). And the boyfriend suggested we go for a walk. 

And I had just been taking to someone about Marriott's way a few days before, so I looked it up online where there is a handy website and there's cool route maps. We only walked the tiniest part, from Attlebridge to Lenwade, the way goes along the old railway route and so there are houses scattered around that used to be small stations. 

So we set off to Lenwade after parking up (there are free parking areas along the route), and the weather was gorgeous but we were nice and shady beneath the canopy. 

There were nice things to see along the trail, I do't think these cows had been fed because they were very excited to see people on the way to Lenwade but on the way back to the car they weren't bothered. 

The river dipped in and out of the trail. 

I went off the beaten track to have a little investigate... you know... just to see a couple things. 

There were little art pieces along the trail too, some of which could be utilised into seats which was handy because a lot of elderly seemed to enjoy the trail. 

And then we got to Lenwade station that is now a house. 

And walked down the road to the pub where we had a well deserved cold drink. 

And some tasty lunch. If you live in the area definitely check out Marriott's Way for a walk or with your bikes, it is so pleasant and away from all the traffic. This won't be my last visit only next time I'd like to go more than 5 miles there and back.

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