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Thursday, 5 September 2013

First Day

The first day in Portinatx the weather was a bit rainy on and off but not cold.

Lucky it did improve all the other days we stayed there but we were all tired from the flight and looking out at the rain thinking uhhhh ohhhh before we braved it for breakfast. 

I was starting to be thankful I brought a pack of cards. 

But it did look up after breakfast and we swam and sunbathed so that was good, then we sat out by the all inclusive bar bit and did play cards and watched a lightening storm. That was until a pleasant but strange German couple sat down at our table and the lady asked for the cards. I thought they wanted to play with us, no no, she was there to tell my future. 

Her - You will get married and have a baby next year

Me - Oh! Err...I hope not! 

She then did my Mum and Sister's fortunes (which I think they were possibly also wishing were not true haha) and told us that Jesus had told her it would rain at 10am tomorrow (it didn't). After showing us photos of their cats and relations ze Germans disappeared off again and we decided to call it a night before anyone else turned up!

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