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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Es Cana

We'd heard about a boat cruise from Portinatx where my Mum, Sister and I were staying to Es Cana where there was large hippy market on a Wednesday.

So we got a ticket and walked down stairs of death to a rocky outcrop which was a health and safety inspector's nightmare and waited for the boat. There was much jostling and queue pushing and there were a few seats on the main part of the boat and empty seats right at the front of the boat near the helm. Well... to say the water was choppy was an understatement, we got absolutely soaked (it was hot though so it was ok - also I was behind my Sister so she got sprayed with the majority of the sea water haha). However, because it was so choppy everyone at the main part of the ship got really sea sick (including the queue pushers!); there was much passing around of paper bags but everyone at the front of the boat was fine. The sailors told us that the front was the best part to sit at to avoid sickness, so really we had good seats by luck. Also they sang us a song too which we danced in our seats too (we aren't a serious family).  My Mum had to protect all our bags and phones and stuff as she sat at the back of us and she put them under her top, the sailors didn't speak a lot of English but they had a good laugh and said to her "Baby!" which just made me burst into laughter. 

We stepped off at Es Cana to explore but first we all fancied a drink so we stopped off at this open air place that served food and drinks and had a pool and stuff and places to lounge. We only wanted iced coffees so we just parked up. Goodness me they were pushy, there was a sign outside that said come and use our pool (not that we wanted to; we hadn't bought swimsuits) everyone welcome. As soon as we got in we discovered you had to pay to use the pool and there were some lounging beds to the side you also had to pay to use - 30 euros!!! I don't what kind of person agrees to pay that but more fool them. 

Then it was off to the Hippy Market, a huge labyrinth of stalls that reeked of incense and dreadlocks. 

It was packed with other tourists like ourselves but also locals, a lot of the things were expensive I thought but I suppose that's the same wherever you go that other tourists go too. 

Lots of the stalls sold crafted things that I assume the people had hand made like jewellery and clothing.

And... you know... other more traditional hippy goods...

There weren't just stalls and food,, there was lots of people playing music and performing - like this ornate fellow here. 

And of course the obligatory floating people I saw in Rome (I looked up how they were doing it this time). 

My Mum took a look at some of the clothes but they were all pretty expensive. We noticed that all of the sellers that were Spanish had high prices and wouldn't budge on them but all the sellers that weren't Spanish and had obviously moved there would haggle every time and so they had prices that were more reasonable so we just bought everything from them instead. 

After a spot of lunch and a good deal more bargain hunting we headed back to the boat but luckily it wasn't so choppy on the way back. We decided to move right to back whilst others clamoured to get to the front and I think I even had a little snooze at one point (it was a long journey!). We noticed some people that were there on the way there weren't there on the way back, they'd opted to spend a fortune on a taxi rather than face the paper bags again haha. 

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