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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Spanish Steps & The Fountain Of The Four Rivers

I was really glad we took a trip to visit the Fountain of the Four Rivers, there are a lot of fountains in Rome because it's how people got their water before good old indoor plumbing but this one I think was my favourite. 

It represents four rivers - the Nile, the Ganges, The Danube and the River Plate in South America (clearly the Italians were unimpressed with our dirty Thames?). 

Each side represents a different river.

And on top is an obelisk that was taken from Egypt by Emperor Caracella. Apparently in those days when Emperors went on holiday they too liked souvenirs.

We then took a trip to the Spanish Steps... that really was just steps, I know the clue's in the name and I'm not sure what I was expecting but... hmm. It was surrounded by very interesting shops though and it was a pleasant part of Rome to be in. 

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