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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Back To Uni

Well it's that time of year - back to school time, or back to uni for me on Tuesday but there's always a distinct autumnal quality to September I think. I'm going into my second year of my nursing degree (some how got through my first one with good marks but goodness knows how!). I've been sent my next placement details which I'm really pleased about because it's local to me so no travelling and awful expenses like the time before last and I think the area of nursing I'll be in will be pretty interesting, so that all kicks off just after my birthday in November and into the New Year (2014, eek!). 

Kind of sad to end my lovely summer holidays of free time and working whenever I fancy but I'm looking forward to the second year and seeing all my friends again. Also I want to see if I can maintain my record of never having physically withdrawn a book from the university library, I do use it online but it's the physical aspect of it that's important to my record I think haha (shhhhhh tell no one!). 

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