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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Coming home

We took the Leonardo Express back to the airport from the Termini station in Rome and it was 14 euros which I thought was fairly reasonable for an airport transfer!

The airport has a little vitruvian man in it.

All the shops in the airport were expensive designer shops like Gucci and Prada, I took a look in Gucci - nothing had a price tag on it! I can only assume this is so that prospective customers do not vomit with horror inside the shop?

We reserved the seats right next to the emergency exit door and enjoyed spacious leg room all flight, ahhhh luxury. I also enjoyed the free Independent paper I got, amused me all flight!

The view was a bit crap though.

Nom nom nom.

And then my chums our Roman holiday was over, but I was glad to get back home to my cat - he was pleased too, here's the best photo I managed to get between cuddles. 

To read more about my holiday click the August tab on the right hand side and see my posts or click the "Rome" tag below. 

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